15-01-2019 Message from Joyceline Armah, ... GREETINGS Back to school once again! We welcome you all our students, parents an... Read More
28-01-2018 The Importance of Education fo... Early childhood education Early childhood education is beneficial for children a... Read More
26-01-2018 Ensuring Education Focus on Education PAAJAF stands for Providing Adolescents and Adults Jobs for A... Read More
01-02-2018 Our First PTA Meeting! We are thrilled to announce and bring you news of our first PTA meeting! Our fir... Read More
01-02-2018 We’ve Received a Grant for D... We are very happy to share good news with you again today! Thanks to the work of... Read More
01-02-2018 Headmistress’s Address Welcome to PEI website A very warm welcome from the PAAJAF Educational Institute... Read More
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