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This post was originally published September 24, 2015 on the PAAJAF Foundation website.

We are very pleased to tell you that we have ushered in a new school year once again.  Christopher and the other kids under the PAAJAF Sponsor A Child program would like to say a BIG THANK YOU! Because of your support they were able to go to school for the 2014/2015 school year.

As we are updating you today, Thursday,  September 24, 2015, it is wonderful to see our child scholars (mostly!) return to school with a new sense of wonder at the world, better understanding of global issues, fresh minds and an ignited passion for making a difference—since you have shown your care for them. It is wonderful again to be able to witness the change you are making from a distance.

The kids have just started a new school year, however only Christopher got a sponsor for the 2015/2016 school year, we are most grateful to his sponsor Anna and other donors to our kids.  Out of 12 scholars we sponsored in the 2014/2015 school year, only Christopher has got a sponsor at the moment for this 2015/2016 academic year.  Would it interest you to read about all the kids at PAAJAF under our sponsor a child program? Please take few minutes to read their profile here:  http://paajaf.org/sponsor-a-child/paajafs-kids/  and their individual life updates.

Yesterday, 23 September 2015, we managed to make partial school fee payments for Erica, Vera, Judy, Sara and Modecai and negotiated with the respective schools to loan the mentioned kids the school supplies and a lunch so that they could go to school and could not miss classes.

Would you please help to promote this cause and look for sponsors and donations from your friends and networks so that we can financially support these children in their desire to get an education.

Thank you!


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