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PAAJAF Foundation is very grateful to our partner Worldreader for their contribution to help provide education for underprivileged children in our community in Gbawe, Accra, Ghana. The partnership between PAAJAF Foundation and Worldreader has aided our organization to find   a donor to fund 35 Kindle e-Readers. The e-Readers have been received at PAAJAF Foundation for our community library project (CAARC Project) , and will also be used as a resource at PEI.

We are thankful to Worldreader and to our donor Clare Joy for their support.

Launching of the e-Readers

The launching of 35 e-Readers was made on 15 May2016 with 80 participants.  The participants of the launching were the following:

  • PAAJAF Board members
  • A Pastor
  • Parents of PEI students
  • PEI Adult Education Project students
  • Some of the PEI students


The Project’s Current Status

The PAAJAF Educational Institute (PEI) Library (CAARC) project aims to create a learning environment for the PEI school children and people of the Gbawe Community in Ghana. It is also intended to be a resource for the PEI main school program. PEI is dedicated to quality education within classrooms and outside classrooms. With this project, our beneficiaries who cannot afford to purchase reference books in school will be able to access an e-Reader for their coursework. It is our goal to make the PEI Library accessible to the entire community, both adult and children, and it is expected to reach 100 primary school children and 30 adults from the first year of the project setup.  Due to the support of Worldreader, we currently have 35 e-Readers.

The Issue/Problem

Currently, there is no private or a community library in Gbawe. Many people cannot afford the high cost of purchasing reference materials for coursework, and sufficient access to technology and the Internet is lacking. As a first step in the library project, the library has been factored into the construction plan of the PEI main school building when a land plot is purchased and the school building commences.

In the Gbawe Community, educational attainment levels are low, family income is low, unemployment is high, children per household ratios are high, school capacity is challenged and community resources for children are limited. Though some children are enrolled in school, others are not, and schools fail to empower these children with resource centre. This project aims to create space that will be a central resource for kids in the community, inspiring passion for and interest in reading.  At the moment, we do not have adequate funding for the library project. The project is running under the premises of PEI with the PEI students and our 5 Adult Education students at the moment.  There is a lack of funding to hire teachers and maintain the venue.

What are the needs?

  • We are searching/working on funding towards the project and partners. When funds are secured and the project is fully commenced, it will be accessible to 100 primary school children and 35 adults in the first year.
  • A venue will be hired
  • Library chairs and tables will be purchased
  • Internet will be installed
  • Library staff will be recruited
  • Children who are not able to buy reference books in school will be able to access e-books from this library. Adults will also be able to access e-books.

 Potential Long Term Impact

The e-Reader Library will provide much-needed resources for children for generations to come. Enhancing and upgrading the quality of education is PEI’s primary goal. Education is the means to a better life for the children in Gbawe, and in Ghana as a whole. Providing the necessary resources for a quality education is our main objective.

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