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Ensuring Education

Focus on Education PAAJAF stands for Providing Adolescents and Adults Jobs for Advancement in Future, and their mission includes supporting orphans, children, youth and women in Gbawe in rural Ghana through education and community support. PAAJAF is currently working on a project to establish an Educational Institute in Gbawe Ghana […]

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Scholarship education in Gbawe Ghana

What is a Scholarship? A scholarship is any amount of money that is given to a student by a school or organization to help the student pay for a quality education. Traditionally we may think of scholarships as monies given to University students, but that is not the case. Scholarships […]

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Foundation For A Better Future

Eliminating illiteracy It’s hard to imagine poverty when we are not directly exposed to such living conditions, but we cannot deny that it does not exist. It is an unending cycle– poverty, poor health and social conditions, lack of education, lack of job opportunity leading to poverty– that most underprivileged […]

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