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Focus on Education

PAAJAF stands for Providing Adolescents and Adults Jobs for Advancement in Future, and their mission includes supporting orphans, children, youth and women in Gbawe in rural Ghana through education and community support. PAAJAF is currently working on a project to establish an Educational Institute in Gbawe Ghana to help both children and adults receive an education and support that they need, but that they would not otherwise have access to. Currently in Gbawe Ghana, the majority of the population suffers under extreme impoverished conditions that those in developed nations would have trouble imagining. This is primarily because of the lack of access to a quality education that exists in Gbawe Ghana. This is why PAAJAF is working hard to establish the PAJAAF Educational Institute that would provide a quality education to both children and adults alike.

What it is Like for Children in Gbawe Ghana

There is currently only a single free public school that is available for children of Gbawe Ghana to attend. A single school is not enough for the entire population of children living in Gbawe Ghana. This means overcrowded conditions, far more overcrowded than schools in developed nations. These overcrowded conditions result in teachers not being able to provide children with the individualized attention that they need to be successful in school. These conditions often leave children feeling hopeless, and many ultimately give up on receiving an education. Conditions are so poor that often families find it more prosperous to not have their children in school, but rather working to help the family in various ways.

What it is Like for Adults in Gbawe Ghana

Having grown up under the same or worse conditions than the current generation of children in Gbawe, Ghana, the adults in this community are no better of when it comes to their access to a quality education. Often these adults are illiterate, because they did not have access to a quality school as a child. Just like the current generation of children, these adults had to contend with overcrowded conditions that often don’t result in any kind of learning, but rather end up in frustration. Since many of the adults in Gbawe, Ghana are illiterate, the opportunities for work are very limited to harsh, menial jobs that pay very little and offer no security or benefits. Therefore PAAJAF is working hard to bring the Educational Institute to the community of Gbawe Ghana. If adults have access to an education centre, they will be able to learn skills, such as reading and writing, that make all the difference in their prospects for the future.

The Benefits of a Learning Centre

PAAJAF is working hard to establish the Educational Institute in Gbawe Ghana in order to provide the community with an educational facility dedicated to helping children develop their fullest potential. The Educational Institute will provide access to a quality education for even the most impoverished adults and children in the Gbawe community and will also provide for the psychological and moral wellbeing for every individual.

How Having a Quality Education can Transform Gbawe Ghana

Because of the lack of access to the skills and knowledge that the community needs, Gbawe Ghana doesn’t have as much opportunity as it would if the population had access to a quality education. Knowledge is the foundation to success and transforming the community of Gbawe Ghana. When PAAJAF opens the learning centre they will be able to provide the access to a quality education that the community needs to bring itself out of poverty by making improvements to things such as modern infrastructures and agriculture.

How Modernizing Infrastructure Would Benefit the Gbawe Community

When adults learn new skills through vocational training and children learn skills from an early age it gives them both the knowledge and the confidence to make lasting changes to the communities in which they live. This includes learning and gaining the skills to do things like build modern building and roads, which also provide good paying, skills-based jobs to the community. However, none of this can happen unless the people have access to a quality education so that they can gain these skills. When PAAJAF establishes the Educational Institute, adults will be able to learn new skills to help modernize the infrastructure of their community–providing a better life for the everyone in Gbawe Ghana.

How Modernizing Agriculture Would Benefit Gbawe Ghana

With new skills the people of Gbawe Ghana will be able to start participating in more modern agricultural practices, such as the ones that are used in developed nations that allow for excess food to be produced. In an area where poverty is normal, modernized agriculture system would make all the difference. It means producing more food, in less time, and with much less back breaking work. This allows farms to produce enough food to sustain the community, which in turn allows other people to focus on their talents and provide other goods and services to the community which have not yet been introduced. Therefore it is so important that PAAJAF continue to expand its Educational Institute, and to provide a quality education to an even wider population.

The Only Way Forward is Through Knowledge

It has been proven time and time again that an education is the pillar of building a prosperous society.  When  people are held under the yoke of oppressive poverty, there can seem like there is no way out, because there is little to no access to learning new skills that would help an individual gain employment. Perhaps eventually even own their own business that contributes to the community in which they live. Without a quality education there is no means to gain the knowledge and skills needed to have the opportunity to gain stable, well-paying employment. Currently much of the youth of Gbawe Ghana is unemployed, and PAAJAF’s Educational Institute would help provide them will the skills they need to gain, and even create jobs.