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Eliminating illiteracy

It’s hard to imagine poverty when we are not directly exposed to such living conditions, but we cannot deny that it does not exist. It is an unending cycle– poverty, poor health and social conditions, lack of education, lack of job opportunity leading to poverty– that most underprivileged people are unable to rise up from without assistance. Our mission is to strive to eliminate illiteracy by educating adults in Gbawe Ghana.

Living in poverty is like being trapped in a dark well; you can see the surface and light above, but you are unable to reach the surface unless someone throws a rope down for you to climb up with. Improvement to education is the rope we can throw down to these dark wells.

Although the literacy rate in Ghana has increased over the years to now 71.5% according to the statistics1 provided by UNICEF, there are many countries in Africa that collectively have a below 50% literacy rate compared to the worldwide average. With your help we can be catalysts for change against world illiteracy.

1Statistics at a Glance: Ghana-

Importance of this issue

Education is the greatest foundation of any dream. Doctors, lawyers, businessmen, artists, writers, filmmakers and all other professions we aspire to be require years of progressive education and expertise. Imagine yourself as a child living in poverty. Imagine waking up with without food to eat and heading to a stone-quarry instead of school. Imagine earning only a little after hours of hard-work under the heat of the sun and your working environment. That is your everyday life.

As a parent of an impoverished family you see how dim your child or children’s futures are becoming because they are subjected to the same hardships you have to endure. You see the light fade from their eyes because of the hopelessness clouding their futures. Imagine wishing to get a career that could alleviate their suffering but being unable to get a better paying job because you lack the education and expertise.

Join Our Fight To End World Illiteracy

Literacy paves the way to create a community’s framework or backbone. The ability to read, write, and mathematical skills are vital in attaining better jobs. These skills that we may take for granted serves as the foundation for improved mental, emotional and health conditions in poverty-stricken communities.

Think back when you were years younger and knew nothing of the world around you. It was your parents who gave you your first book that filled your mind with dreams and possibilities. It was your parents that brought you to a zoo, museum or aquarium so you could learn more about the places you have yet seen. But these people are not able to do so for their children. This forces children to grow and mature into hard-working adults at such a young age thus increasing the chances for them to develop mental and social afflictions.

So, how can you help in improving the education of adults in places such as Gbawe Ghana?

PAAJAF, Providing Adolescents and Adults Jobs for Advancement in Future, is a non-profit organization that strives to end poverty and illiteracy for underprivileged children, youth and women.

The organization currently provides multiple ways for you to get involved including, but not limited to, donations to support ongoing projects, sponsoring a child or through online volunteering wherein you can contribute your time and skills to give impoverished families in Ghana the chance for a better future.

Job-Training Programs and Educating Adults in Gbawe Ghana

Most families are run by single mothers and they often suffer from mental and emotional distress in coping with the pains of financial difficulties. In order to lighten the burdens of their financial predicament, one of PAAJAF’s goals is to bring education and job-training programs to adults in order to help them rise out of poverty.

 One of the projects involved under this objective is to help women become entrepreneurs by raising enough capital through a community network called Gbawe Entrepreneurs Network (GEN). Raised funds are allocated for financial and innovation education along with the costs of starting a business.

Family Learning Centres and Education for Youth

Many underprivileged children and youth are subjected to engage in child labor activities such as working in stone quarries to help alleviate financial burdens of their families. This results in an increase of health detriments among young people.

PAAJAF also strives to run family learning centers that grant children the gift of knowledge and digital literacy. There used to be only one school in Gbawe for a population of around 44,000, but through the help of sponsors, PAAJAF was able to build more classrooms and provide better access to education. Through these learning centers children and families are given the means to learn pre-school knowledge and skills to university-level education in order for them to secure better jobs in the future. Their knowledge of the world and the possibilities available to them expands.

How Your Help Matters/ Long Term Impact

It’s more than just poverty. Educating adults in Gbawe Ghana could result in an overall improvement in their community and the lives of their children. Along with our mission to eliminate illiteracy we can also enhance the mental, health and social conditions of families that would eventually create a stronger community. Through literacy, we can help them learn the necessary skills to give them a chance to climb out of their dark wells. Education is the source of empowerment that anything is possible. It is the key to achieving dreams, and with your help we can unlock more potential and grant better futures for the next generation.

If you are ready to actively participate in our mission to end illiteracy, or would like to learn more details about our active projects send us an email, message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We would be happy to provide you all the information you need to be catalysts for change.