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I visited PAAJAF in Gbawe, Ghana as a Project Evaluator for Global Giving UK for a week in August 2013. During this week I was able to visit many of the children that PAAJAF is currently supporting with a sponsorship and those that they still wish to support with one.

The students were inspirational and spoke with passion about the importance of education and how grateful they were to PAAJAF for the support they are given.

I was also able to speak to their parents or guardians and teachers to find out about their situation, why the children need sponsorships, how this has benefited them and what else PAAJAF can do to support the children.

There are many more young children in the community that need urgent support to attend school, in order to provide them with the means to fight poverty and gain the skills and knowledge they will need to find a good job for themselves in the future.

In addition, I was able to get to know the community, meet some of the local volunteers and board members that also support the project and establish what other needs PAAJAF could tackle within the community in the future.

During my stay Philip was very welcoming and friendly. He always made sure that I received all the information I needed and that I could help the project according to my strengths. He is very hard working and it is obvious that he is very passionate about the work he does for PAAJAF. He was very eager and willing to take any suggestions for improvements on board and constantly strives to improve his project. We realised how helpful volunteers could be who would come from abroad to help the project here in Gbawe by teaching, helping with such things as health care and administrative tasks.

I can definitely recommend PAAJAF as a project that is in great need of more support and that would be able to host volunteers and give them meaningful tasks, while exposing them to Ghanaian culture, introducing them to inspirational people and providing them with a life changing experience.

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