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Merry Christmas to all of our supporters, volunteers and donors! I am writing this on Christmas Eve to thank all of you once again for your support of PAAJAF and the PAAJAF Educational Institute. We are so grateful to have all of you among our supporters!

As you know, our vision is to create an educational center in our community to provide our children with the opportunity to go to school.

We believe in our children and want them to have the opportunity to have an education, and create a secure and happy future for themselves.

2015 has been a busy year with lots of ups and downs of course, but we are ending the year in a good position to build on our vision and meet the goals we have set for ourselves in 2016.

Here is what we have accomplished this year with your help!

60 children are now enrolled in the preschool and truly enjoying a day of learning and growing.

9 adults are learning to read or building on their reading ability in our Adult and Family Literacy classes.

We have two exciting and much-needed programs in the works:

WorldReader will provide e-readers and a digital library to the school and the Adult and Family Literacy program. For the program to go forward we will need to raise the funds to properly wire and outfit the classrooms.

The Linino Organization has so generously funded our school by paying the rent on our building for two years, until October of 2016. It is our hope their offer of computers might be realized as well.

We have created this second PAAJAF website site to focus on the school, which was created and funded by two US volunteers. The site is linked to our Global Giving page so that people can easily support the school and our children. We plan to use the blog to keep you, our supporters, up-to-date and to reach out to new friends around the world.

I hope that as you celebrate Christmas this year you will consider making a gift of ongoing support to PEI and the children we serve. A recurring donation of as little as $10 per month would help us create a more secure financial base for the school.

With a base of ongoing support in 2016 we can cover our monthly rent, pay our teachers, work to build capacity, launch the e-reader and computer classes for our community, and reach more children through the Preschool and a Primary School.

Your support means so much to our staff and students. It shows them that there are good people who believe in them and their dreams of an education.

We are very grateful to have you among the friends of PAAJAF and wish you and your family Happy Holidays!

With all good wishes,

A recurring donation of as little as $10 per month goes a long way here in Gbawe and will help us secure our school’s future. As an added bonus to PEI, a recurring donation will be matched for the month of December by Global Giving!

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