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Volunteer-teaching-at-PEIThanks to the United Nations volunteer program I had the opportunity to meet PAAJAF’s project that aims to provide help to underprivileged people and adults who do not have access to education. Since September 2013, I have been involved in its activities covering different parts like fundraising or legal advising, specially oriented under the European law.

This experience makes me believe in the purpose of this NGO, therefore after two years I decided to make an economic effort and meet all the children who motivated me to work every day.

Click here to watch my videoIn September 2015, I went for the first time to Africa to help PAAJAF foundation development working directly with them.

Those days in Ghana were more difficult than expected, not only because I found different customs, food and weather, and a bit of cultural shock.


So thanks to these nice kids that they have given me more than I can offer to them. I have learnt that we should appreciate all the small things that surround us and makes our live easier, things that we do not much importance to, such as water, electricity or food.

People in Ghana do not have too many material things. Children do not even know how to play with toys but they do not lose the smile on their faces. To have fun they go to the street and talk, dance or play drums. Enjoying the simple things leads to a life of plenty!

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