Scholarship education in Gbawe Ghana

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What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is any amount of money that is given to a student by a school or organization to help the student pay for a quality education. Traditionally we may think of scholarships as monies given to University students, but that is not the case. Scholarships can also be awarded to younger children to go to private schools when public schools are lacking. Scholarships can also be awarded to adult students who wish to receive vocational training to receive skills to help them provide a better life for themselves, families, and community. Even with today’s modern advances, there is still much of the world living in poverty. This is why scholarship education in Gbawe Ghana is so sorely needed.

The Reality for Children in Gwabe Ghana

Most children in Gbawe, Ghana will never attend school or will receive very little education due to the fact that families cannot afford to send their children to school. Some children may need to help around the house, or in some cases they may even have to take up jobs. These jobs often involve participate in very physically demanding jobs to help the family. When children get stuck in this cycle of poverty, it is very hard for them to raise themselves out of it as adults, because they are lacking the very skills that will allow them to make a better life for themselves. If these children are able to receive scholarships to go to school, they can stem the tide of poverty in their families. Establishing scholarship education in Gbawe Ghana can help address these very issues that children face.

The Difference a Scholarship Makes to Children

In low-income, rural areas like Gbawe Ghana there is little to no money for families to put towards  education for their children. There is only one free public school to serve the children of Gbawe Ghana, so even for the children who are allowed to go instead of working for their families are met with an uphill battle. Teachers and students alike face class sizes that are so large, that any student who needs extra help is left to fall through the cracks. Even students who do well in school with little help from the teachers are left feeling discouraged by the large class sizes. In these cases families often do not see a benefit to send their child to school. A scholarship for education in Gbawe Ghana can change all of this for the better by providing money to families so that their children can gain a quality education and lead a more prosperous life.

Public Schools in Gbawe Ghana

There is only one public school in Gbawe, Ghana. Because it is the only free public school available to children, the building is so overcrowded that the class sizes are around twice the size of what is accepted in developed nations. These large class sizes make it impossible for teachers to provide any students with individualized attention, especially those who are struggling the most. Individualized attention makes a huge difference in how successful children both are and feel when they attend school. For some students getting the help they need would make all  the difference between attending and not attending school. These harsh educational conditions make it difficult to ensure every child has a quality education. Establishing a scholarship for education in Gbawe Ghana can make all the difference in the world.

Literacy is Essential to a Better Life

When you have a large population of children not attending school, the illiteracy rate is astronomical. Children who grow up to be illiterate are faced with the fact that the jobs that they have access to are very limited, and will most likely involve some kind of hard physical labor in poor conditions. Once children grow into adults that do not know how read, it is near impossible to get out of that situation. This is because there is no money to help people receive a quality education, regardless of their background. The fact remains that it is the rich who continue to be prosperous, while most of the nation is left in extreme poverty, like those loving in Gbawe Ghana. Once a quality education is accessible to all in Gbawe’s community, the rural town will truly be able to thrive and attain literacy for all adults and children. Establishing a scholarship for education in Gbawe Ghana can make this a reality.

The Reality for Women

As women around the world continue to face discrimination and receive lower wages, the situation is no different in Gbawe Ghana. Women in rural communities such as this face harsh discrimination when it comes to educational and vocational opportunities. In many of these cases these women are abandoned by their husbands and left to raise children with little to no education or vocational training. This puts single mothers in Gbawe Ghana in a very vulnerable situation, and leaves them with very little opportunity in the way of work, resulting in these women having to raise their children in extreme poverty. Establishing a scholarship for education in Gbawe Ghana would help put vital educational and vocational learning opportunities in the hands of these women who need it the most. In turn, this helps ensure their children will also receive and education to help the entire community flourish.

Scholarships Can Help Women and Young Adults Gain Skills

Not all scholarships are for formal, tradition education for children. Scholarships can also be used to provide women and other young adults with vital skills needed to provide a better life for themselves, and by extension, their communities. Scholarships can be used to help women and adults by providing money for vocational training, which provides people with vital craft skills that lead to more prosperous opportunities to those who benefit from the training. In many cases, due to the lack of public schools, children grow up to become adults with very little skills beyond that of performing menial jobs because they lack an education. When these adults, who lacked  formal education, are able to receive vocational training the whole community benefits. A scholarship for education in Gbawe Ghana will benefit children and adults alike.