The Importance of a Child’s Identity

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The Importance of a Child’s Identity

A child’s sense of self-identity is immeasurably important when it comes to how well they learn, and more importantly how they perceive the way that they learn. It is crucial for a child to have a positive sense of identity in order to develop self-esteem and confidence. When children feel like they are worthy and capable, they are more likely to have a positive attitude and do well in life and in learning. A healthy sense of identity helps children to be more open and less afraid of people with differences. When children have a healthy sense of identity, they are much more open minded to people from other backgrounds. This is because children who have a healthy sense of identity  are less likely to fear the differences that other children may have, whether it be religious, racial, or cultural.

Every child is special, and that is why it is important to foster a strong sense of identity in both the self and the community as a group. When children have a sense of identity they have a sense of belonging. This sense of belonging fosters strong, positive feelings towards their parents and grandparents. These familial bounds help children feel safe and more confident about themselves and where they come from. This is why PAAJAF has established an Educational Institute in rural Gbawe, Ghana, where most of the population lives in extremely impoverished conditions. This poverty make it difficult for a positive sense of identity to be established on those affected.

A Strong Sense of Identity BrIngs Out the Special Gifts in Children

Children learn about themselves and construct their own identity through their experiences with their families and events through their communities.This means that children establish their identity through their interactions and relationship with people, places and things within their communities. PAAJAF’s Educational Institute recognizes that every child is special, and is working hard to help each child in Gbawe Ghana realize their full potential by realizing their unique gifts.

Poverty Has Devastating Effects on a Child’s Sense of Identity

A child’s identity is shaped by the experiences that the child has in both their family and their community. When children live in conditions where they are able to enjoy positive experiences, they are able to develop a better understanding of themselves and those around them. When children grow up with positive experiences, they are able to see themselves as an important member of society who deserves respect, creating a positive sense of self.

Every child is special and should have the opportunity to ask the questions: ‘who I am’,  and ‘how do I fit within my community.’’ However, when a child grows up in the extreme impoverished conditions such as those experienced by many who live in Gbawe Ghana, it is very difficult to establish a healthy sense of identity. When a child doesn’t have enough to eat, isn’t able to go to school and in some cases may even have to work, they do not have the opportunity to develop an identity based on positive experiences. This is why PAAJAF’s Educational Institute is dedicated to helping every child realize that they are important and have a lot to contribute to society.

A Sense of Identity is Important from an Early Age

Even very young children need to have the ability to establish a healthy sense of identity, and children start doing this in early childhood. Young children do this through their relationships and experiences just like older children do. In fact, in early childhood it is even more vital to their sense of identity to feel as though they belong within their families and communities, and develop attachments and trust their parents, family and others that may care for them.

As children develop their sense of identity, they explore through their play and their relationships. When children feel safe they grow the confidence to face challenges later in life. When children do not have this opportunity, they develop a sense of instability and hopelessness that continues well into adulthood.

Every child is special, and even the youngest of children need happy experiences to develop a healthy sense of self. PAAJAF’s Educational Institute is dedicated to helping children of all ages reach their fullest potential by providing them with the kinds of positive experiences they need in order to develop healthy identities.

The Role Identity Plays in Childhood Education

Children’s identities are dynamic and can be salvaged even if the child has had bad experiences in the past. The effort needs to be made to help every child reach their fullest potential in life, and continue as they grow into healthy adults. It is important that every child is allowed to experience the joy of childhood to establish a healthy sense of identity.  

Every child is special and deserves the opportunity to develop a self-awareness through their relationships and cultural heritage, so that they can discover their significance in the world. It is through these experiences that children being to build their beliefs and moral values. PAAJAF’s Educational Institute helps children realize their own unique sense of identity, while being a safe place of learning and morality.

Unique Gifts Must be Fostered to Grow

Every child is special and has a set of unique gifts and talents to give to the world, however if a child is not encouraged and supported they may never discover their talents. Developing a strong sense of identity is an important part of how a child finds out what their strengths and passions are. To do this children need the space to try new things without the fear of failure, and need to be encouraged when they show promise, or they may well quickly become dismayed.

It is far more difficult for children who grow up in poverty to be able to find this space to try out their identities and discover their talents. Often times these children grow up never having access to an education or a supportive mentor or teacher to help them discover them. This why PAAJAF has established an Educational Institute to help  the poverty stricken children of Gbawe Ghana reach their fullest potential.