We’ve Received a Grant for Desks and School Supplies!

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We are very happy to share good news with you again today!

Thanks to the work of one of our dedicated volunteers we have received a grant from the MacEwan University Global Education Fund.

The funding will make it possible for us to buy classroom tables and chairs, educational supplies and pay the salaries of our classroom support staff.  This is a tremendous help to us and will bring the children great joy I am certain!

MacEwan University Global Education Fund

Here is some information on the wonderful work of the MacEwan University Global Education Fund:

As an institution of learning, MacEwan University recognizes the value of an education, yet is acutely aware that millions of people worldwide lack the means or resources to receive one. With this in mind the MacEwan Global Education Fund was established in 2001 as a means to assist disadvantaged people throughout the world gain better access to education.

Through the actions of a committee of volunteers an annual source of funding has been established. These funds come from three main sources: 1.) a $1 fee levied on all students registered full time during each of the fall and winter terms, 2.) a $10 annual fee levied on all faculty, and 3) an annual donation from the MacEwan Staff Association. The funds generated through these sources are directed to educationally-related projects in different parts of the globe by a committee of volunteers who come from all areas of the university including faculty, staff and students.

Education is the main factor that affects poverty levels, health, democracy, and human rights. We are all interconnected and therefore global citizens. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.” It is up to us to create a more just world.