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Erica  is very dedicated student at The Pearls School with the future goal of becoming a Bank Manager. She needs a good education. She is very poor and depends on her caretaker, but due to lack of financial support she has found it difficult to maintain good grades. Sadly, Erica is an orphan, as her mother passed away when she was two years old and her father disappeared during her mother’s pregnancy, Erica has no other means of help and is grateful for your support.

Erica is a diligent student, but impoverished with no parents. Her caretaker lives in the community and is poor with little wages, so not able to send Erica and her children to a good quality school. With your help you continue to make a real difference to Erica through regular school attendance, provision of tuition fees, books, and uniform, home feeding support, school launch and health insurance and make her be part of her community. Erica needs support to attend school very year. Erica is very hardworking and her future in education looks promising. For girls, the choice is when you are poor is to work in low paid, menial jobs at a young age or be sent away for marriage. Erica needs urgent help so that she can grow up with an education and break the poverty cycle.

This project  creates better future for Erica so she can secure employment and support her. PAAJAF adopted Erica when she was at the age of 2 year when the mother passed away.   To read more about Erica, please follow the link below.  Traditionally, we look for donations and sponsors for poor orphan Erica so that we could remain in school. Would you please just think for a moment, without a helping hands towards this poor child, what would happen or imagine her future! Read more about Erica at GlobalGiving or visit PAAJAF site – Erica’s story

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